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20 Apr 1997 -  9 Nov 2001


Apr 20, 1997 - 17:21
Your name: jude pipes
Comments about the web site: Mr. Desmond, I want to tell you how helpful your page has been to me. My old grumpy uncle is doing research on his family (Desmonds also) and showing him this page excited him. He will now probably be on your web site 20 hours a day (sleeping only 4 hours each day) just waiting for you to input more information.
Thank you for giving my uncle Carl a reason to live again and getting him out of my hair for the better part of each day.
-Jude Pipes

Apr 23, 1997 - 13:28
Your name: Eric Desmond
Comments about the web site: I haven't checked out the page yet and I can't wait to see what's here!!!!
Eric Desmond
12 Rockwood Ln
Lawrence, MA 01843

Apr 24, 1997 - 13:12
Your name: Richard K. Desmond II
Homepage address:
Homepage title: Cabell Midland High School

May 3, 1997 - 22:46
Your name: Joseph Nagle Desmond
Comments about the web site: We're tracing genealogy of Desmonds. Looking for John Fitzgerald Desmond arrived USA late 1800,s.

May 4, 1997 - 08:39
Your name: George W. Sampson
Comments about the web site: Son of Elizabeth Desmond b. Cambridge, ma 1916 daughter of Denis Desmond of Macroom, Cork, son of Patrick Desmond, son of Humphrey. Denis & Patrick came to US about 1909.Thanks for this page. I've been doing searchs on Desmond for a while. I am trying to get started researching the family, but Ireland is tough. I have bookmarked you and will return frequently.

May 14, 1997 - 14:46
Your name: Amethyst Uchida
Comments about the web site: You've been a busy bee!!! Nice site....pretty and interesting and all that good stuff!! Good for you.... :-)

May 23, 1997 - 18:21
Your name: Pat FitzGerald Homepage address:
Comments about the web site: Interested in various branches of the FitzGerald family.

May 26, 1997 - 00:22
Your name: Terry Fitzgerald
Comments about the web site: No comments yet as I have only just opened the page

May 31, 1997 - 20:48 name: Tony FitzGerald
Comments about the web site: Me being a FitzGerald whose family came from Askeaton is comment enough!!

May 31, 1997 - 21:32
Your name: M. McCarthy
Comments about the web site: By looking up Geraldines. I'm doing genealogy of the Kinsale McCarthy Reaghs
Jun 4, 1997 - 19:50
Your name: Susanne Desmond

Comments about the web site: I don't have an e-mail address, but I would like to find some relatives. The only definite information that I haveis that my family is from Cork. You can snail-mail me at: Susanne Desmond, !020 Ensley Ave. #81, Northfield MN 55057

Jun 8, 1997 - 06:51
Your name: Virginia Desmond Pleasants
Comments about the web site:

Aug 19, 1997 - 20:31
Your name: Kathy Farrell
Comments about the web site: My mother is a Desmond, so I look forward to finding out more about the family tree.

Aug 21, 1997 - 17:51
Your name: Barbara Williams
Comments about the web site: How lovely to find this site! My family has been doing research on the Fitzgerald's of Ireland for some time now. We have found much interesting and exciting information regarding this line on both the Internet, and through libraries. Our line from Ireland is through the Fitzgeralds and the Barrons in the U.S.

Aug 26, 1997 - 16:06

Your name: jude pipes
Comments about the web site:
Mr. Desmond, I've been looking at your website for a few months now. It is progressing very nicely and I am really pleased at the graphics. It is a very beautiful site and very informative. I'm sure that those interested in Desmond genealogy, as well as Irish history  fans will look on your site approvingly. I'll keep checking in and hope to see more information in the future. As a artist, I really appreciate your use of the fine images and paintings. They add a wonderful touch to your pages.
Thank you for all your hard work!
-Jude Pipes

Sep 7, 1997 - 20:51
Your name: George Sampson
Comments about the web site: I am the son of Elizabeth Desmond who was the daughter of Dennis Desmond of Macroom, Cork b.1884 d.1972. Dennis was the son of Patrick who was the son of Humphry.
I would like to correspond with others who are researching the Desmonds from the Macroom area. My people came to Boston/Cambridge between 1907 and 1912.

Sep 9, 1997 - 20:46
Your name: Daniel J. Desmond
Comments about the web site: Outstanding job -- a labor of love that must have taken quite a while.. I'll have to get out the old family photos & documents now.
My family came from Cobe in County Cork in the 1830's or '40s. Settled in Northwest Ohio (Toledo) & southern Michigan (Temperance) area. I live in Lancaster, PA with my wife Cheryl, daughter Anne and son Daniel (we call him Des).
Also, now I know why I felt so much at home in Florence this summer.

Sep 12, 1997 - 22:26
Your name: William Desmond Terrill
Homepage address:
Homepage title: Bill Terrill's Pneumatic Web PageComments about the web site: Still browsing looking for links to my Great Grandfather, Harry Desmond born in 1863, in Kingstown (Kingston) Ireland.Had two brothers Charles who came to US with him and his father and Raymond who died young and is buried in Highgate Cemetarywith his mother, Lucy Reilly Reed Desmond. At one time Harry and his brothers and parents lived in Bullock Castle in Dalkey. Harry was a founder and editor of the Archetectural Guide in NYC.

Sep 24, 1997 - 14:37
Your name: Michael Anthony FitzGerald Kauders
Comments about the web site: I've been hoping to find something like this kind of information for some time. Thanks for having spent so much time in developing such an excellent site and tribute to the Desmond family. My family also has the old tradition, passed down from many generations, that we are directly related to the Earls Desmond. I look forward to stopping by the site for on-going updates.

Oct 18, 1997 - 16:08
Your name: Eric Michael Desmond Comments about the web site: Extremely interesting. When I digest some of the information and talk to some of my relatives, I will contact you further.
Thanks, Eric
Oct 20, 1997 - 00:45
Comments about the web site:

Oct 22, 1997 - 00:25
Your name: William Desmond Terrill
Homepage title: The Terrill Family Home Page
Comments about the web site: I am looking for information about my Great Grandfather, Harry Desmond who was born in Kingston, Ireland in 1863 and came to the U.S. as a young boy. I know that at one time he and his brother Charles, sister Lucy Maude, brother Raymond, and mother and father lived in Bullock Castle for some reason. It is rummored in the family, that Harry inherited Bullock Castle but refused to return to Ireland to claim his inheritance because of the high cost of repair and maintenance of the castle. I have some photographs of the castle. Raymond is buried with his mother in a place called Highgate Cemetery. My Great Great grandmother's name was Lucy Reilly(sp)Reed. It is thought that Harry, Charles, and possibly Lucy came to the U.S. after the death of their mother. For some reason, there is verylittle info on these Desmonds prior to their coming to the U.S. but very much on Harry after being here.
Thank You for any assistance you can give me.
Respectfully - William Desmond Terrill

Nov 10, 1997 - 17:36
Your name: John Brian Desmond
Homepage address:
Homepage title: Desmond Family
Comments about the web site: Outstanding

Nov 16, 1997 - 20:14
Your name: Anthony E. Gherardini
Comments about the web site:

Nov 17, 1997 - 14:33 name: Tony FitzGerald
Homepage address: about the web site: ASKEATON My ancestry is in Askeaton, the principle home of the Earls of Desmond. In particular, Thomas FitzGerald, 1815-1889 (who actually came from Waterford and was posted to Askeaton as an RIC Officer) married an ASKEATON lass who was also a FitzGerald - Mary (1832-1878).
I visited ASKEATON last year and made very many friends - including, naturally enough many FitzGeralds.What I am especially interested in is whether or not the Desmond connection with Askeaton has remained through the ages ... I have no doubt that it has but can it be proved?
My interests lie in the following Townlands -
Coolrahnee (especially a farm known as Fanamore)
Ballynash (otherwise known as Mantle Hill)
I would very much like to establish contact with others who are interested in ASKEATON especially if they can answer the Desmond descendancy question.

Nov 18, 1997 - 19:35
Your name: peter hooper
Comments about the web site: My grandfather was william desmond. my mother is currently constructing a family tree for the desmond family. She has traced it back to limerick. could you please e-mail me with more info on this family line.
sincerely, Peter Hooper

Nov 20, 1997 - 11:03
Comments about the web site: WOW...Great info..I may have found the date my great grandfather came to America along with his father, mother and sister

Nov 20, 1997 - 22:29
Your name: Louise Desmond Noble
Comments about the web site:

Nov 25, 1997 - 12:19
Your name: Elizabeth Hentze
Comments about the web site: Thank you very, very much for helping me find some information on my ancestors... :)

Nov 29, 1997 - 15:25
Your name: Tim Millar
Comments about the web site: Family Tree Maker has a new Internet engine and your site came up. My Great Grandmother was Margaret DESMOND, daughter of Jeremiah DESMOND and Mary CONNORS. Margaret was born about 1833 in North Sydney, Cape Breton, NS, and married John MULLINS. Margaret died in Portland, Maine in 1876. Jeremiah came to CB NS early in the 19th century and is on the 1838 census as a laborer. He had a son, Thomas, born in 1837 in North Sydney who was a ships captain of the brig "Rockland" and the barque "Lothair". Also Daniel, James and Jeremiah.
Have you got any information on this DESMOND branch?
Regards, Tim Millar

Dec 27, 1997 - 23:52
Your name: Dennis J. Desmond
Comments about the web site:

Jan 6, 1998 - 17:55
Your name: Daniel Taylor Desmond
Comments about the web site: Hello, I'd like to thank you very much for putting up this site. Could you please answer this question and post on it on your page: are the Desmonds related to the Kennedy family,(Geraldines)

Jan 15, 1998 - 21:32
Your name: Timothy Wolfe
Homepage address:
Homepage title: Wolfe Family
Comments about the web site: My Grandfather was Humphrey Earl Desmond from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was bornin 1900. I would appreciate any and all insight that you could spare me, for my wife is tring to make our familytree with the Desmond side.

Jan 18, 1998 - 07:46
Your name: Carol Rathburn
Comments about the web site: I am trying to trace my family history. My mother was Dorothy Desmond daughter of Edna Donnelly Desmond and Earnst Edmond Desmond. Both of my grand parents mother and father had the first names of Thomas Francis and Mary Catherine. As in Thomas Francis Donnelly, Thomas Francis Desmond, Mary Cathrine Donnelly, Mary Catherine Desmond. Thomas Francis Desmond Jumped ship in the San Francisco Bayduring the gold rush. He was a irish sailor. I haven,t been having any luck finding any records on them. This geneology can be rather frustrating. Nice web site anyway. Carol

Jan 21, 1998 - 23:18
Your name: Louise Werstiuk
Comments about the web site: Congratulations on the Desmond Page! My mother, Ellen Desmond, was a daughter of Daniel Desmond who was a son of James Desmond (I). James (I), who claimed relationship to the Earls of Desmond, arrived in eastern Canada on the ship, John Hawkes, in the spring of 1847. Several children of James and his wife, Ellen, moved to the eastern part of the U.S. One son, Dennis Desmond, and his wife, Tess, settled in Minneapolis. Another son, James Desmond (II), took up residence in Waterville, Maine. We do not know the final destinations of children, Kate, Pat, and Mike. The Canadian branch of this family would welcome contact from long lost American cousins who share our link to James and Ellen Desmond.

Jan 23, 1998 - 17:24
Your name: James M. Desmond
Comments about the web site: I have no email address, but would like to know if there is any knowledge of my ancestry, which stems from Dennis Desmond, who arrived in Fitchburg MA in the 1850's from County Cork, Ireland. Any responses can be sent to: Jim Desmond, 299 Burts Pit Rd., Northampton, MA 01060, (413) 584-6441
Thank you.

Jan 26, 1998 - 07:50
Your name: anne agnes dolan
Homepage address:
Homepage title: anne's homepage
Comments about the web site: I found this site via the dolan web pages(see louise werstiuk's preceeding msg- she and my father, Desmond Daniel Dolan, are great grandchildren to James and Ellen Desmond who arrived in New Brunswick on the ship John Hawkes in spring of 1847).we know we have lots of Desmond realatives in Maine and have heard that one of them originated the concept and process for paper plates!!looking forward to a further exchange of information.

Friday 11/26/1999 11:01:48am
Name: Jerry Russell Desmond, Jr
Island Falls, Maine
Comments: My great-great grandfather, Cornelius J. Desmond fought in the Civil War in the 15th Maine Regiment. Would like to find more information about him, his parents, and when he came to America.

Wednesday 12/15/1999 3:49:44pm

Name: Michael Desmond Sadewhite, Sr.
Born Independence, Mo. Now live in Portland, Or
Comments: My father, from Marshall, MO was the son of Julia (Desmond) Sadewhite. She was the daughter of Dennis Desmond of the Marshall, Mo area. My mother was Marilynn (Desmond) Sadewhite. She was the daughter of George Desmond of Independence, MO.

Wednesday 12/15/1999 8:30:00pm
Name: Karen Murphy
Martinez, CA
Comments: Hi, Great site... I have been researching my Desmond line for the past few months. My g-grandfather was Daniel Desmond, son of Patrick Desmond and Catherine Murphy. I believe that I know of two possible brothers, Timothy and Michael. Michael was 9 years older than Dan and was born in Ireland (don't know where) and Dan and Timothy were born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Timothy was either Dan's twin or an Irish twin. I picked up the family trail in Virginia City, NV around 1874. Michael was married to Hannah Sheehan. They had seven kids, four died in 1892 (diphtheria). Dan was married to Elizabeth O'Rourke (NY). They had five kids. Elizabeth had a sixth child (Harriett)with her second husband. She later remarried Dan Desmond. My father remembers a Humphrey Desmond but I haven't found anything on him yet. My dad believes that he was an uncle of some sort. Could have been a cousin since they seemed to call any related adult aunt/uncle regardless of the relationship. My grandmother was Margaret Alice. Her sister was Claire. Her brothers were Philip, Daniel B., and Francis. Any clues or more detail would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karen

Monday 12/20/1999 5:08:21pm
Name: Oliver Keating
Leeds, England
Comments: Iv'e started to research my Mothers side of my family the Desmonds. Her name is Mary Desmond, she has often spoken of her happiest years, growing up on the farm in Bandon, Co Cork. And the wonderful relationship she had with her father Humphrey Desmond. I can still remember him even though I was young when he died. I thought he was the kindest man, you see he was the first 'old man' I met. And I assumed as a boy all old men would be like him. How wrong I was ! I digress, here is the family search so far, so get replying family. Humphrey Desmond born 27th Oct 1885, Bandon, Co Cork. Timothy Desmond born 9th May 1854, Bandon , Co Cork. Parents Humphrey Desmond and Mary Keohane. The search has only just begun!

Tuesday 01/04/2000 2:35:25am
Name: Bernice Harvey
Bennington, VT
Comments: I am looking for imformation on my father,Bernard Hugh Desmond. He was born in Boston,MA on June 14, 1984. He had two sisters Edna and Alberta. They where all born in Boston,MA. His father Bernard Joseph Desmond was born in Ireland and came to Boston and married Charlotte Frances Wells of Boston. Bernard Hugh Desmond meet and married Catherine Smith of Boston on January 8, 1919. Her parents were John Smith and Anne (Brady) Smith both from Ireland. Any help would be great.

Tuesday 01/04/2000 3:33:52am
Name: Bernice Harvey
Bennington, VT
Comments: I need to change one thing on my message. Bernard Hugh Desmond was born June 14, 1894.

Thursday 01/06/2000 0:02:17am
Name: Timothy J. Desmond
E-Mail: Madera, California
Comments: Have been looking for origins of Thomas Frances Desmond, born in Ireland 1836 to John Desmond and Brigett Murphy. At age 12 about 1848, he signed on a ship as a "hand" or part of the crew, sailed from Cork, Ireland to Australia and then later brought sheep to California and farmed in Mariposa and Madera Counties of California.

Sunday 01/16/2000 5:54:08pm
Name: Dennis Desmond
New Jersey
Comments: My grandfather was Jeremiah J. Desmond, born Monkstown or Passage, Cork in 1876. His father Denis Desmond, mother Norah Leary. They had 8 children: Tim, Dinny, Pat, Nora, Nellie, Katie, Minny and Jeremiah. I have checked the LDS site and many other on-line resources but cannot correlate what I find to my family. Many with same names but dates don't work. Any ideas? Maybe I have to go there.

Friday 01/21/2000 6:32:31pm
Name: Carrie LeFevre
Logan, Utah
Comments: My mother's maiden name is Desmond. I was searching at and came across your websight. i'm justworking on my geneology.

Wednesday 01/26/2000 7:44:05pm
Name: Arlene Horrigan
Buffalo New York
Comments: My husband's grandmother was Thresea Desmond. her father was Timothy Desmond from Ireland and then Buffalo. He was a ship builder in Dunkirk, New York. Any conection to any ones family? Time frame 1890's to 1920's

Sunday 01/30/2000 6:33:56pm
Name: Rev. Joseph L. ,Desmond
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Comments: This is a great site. I have E-Mailed the information I have regarding my family My great Great Grandparents were Patrick Desmond and Castherine Kelsey and John Cumminhs and Winiford Kelly from County Cork heir children, my Grandparents, were respectiviely: James P. Desmond 1869-1953 -- Frehold, NJ Catherine Cumming(Cumings) 1879-1979 -Freehold, NJ

Thursday 02/10/2000 4:48:37pm
Name: Roger Desmond
Born in Nebraska, 1947
Comments: I am just wondering if there's any genealogical info. on the family.

Friday 02/11/2000 7:30:14pm
Name:James Coy DEsmond
Toledo Ohio
Comments: father ORVILLE WILLIAM DESMOND, Maumee Ohiogrand father Danile Desmondgrandmother Clara

Sunday 02/13/2000 7:17:20pm
Name: Lucia Nelson
North Berwick, Maine
Comments: I am looking for any information on Timothy Desmond abt. 1800 in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. His daughter married William Nelson, they came to New York from Liverpool in 1835.

Tuesday 05/02/2000 9:18:33am
Name: Rory Hudson
Melbourne, Australia
Comments: I was surprised to see how much information is available on the Web about the Desmond family! My late mother was Myrle Desmond, born in Melbourne in 1910, died 1979. Her father was Joseph Desmond, who died in around 1928 (not sure exactly). According to my mother he was in a direct line from the earls. My mother had two brothers but they died as children and now there is nobody who can give me any further information. My mother spoke of a large volume of family history which was destroyed at the time her father died. The only other information I have is that my grandfather apparently came to Australia from Ireland in around 1900. He eloped with a Norwegian girl who died in the great influenza epidemic in around 1918. If anybody can give any further information relevant to my mother's immediate family, I'll be very grateful. Rory Hudson

Wednesday 06/21/2000 12:56:23am
Name: Michael Stotter
Comments: I'm searching my wife's paternal family name of DESMOND. Her gtgrandfather was JOHN DESMOND born around 1840 in county Cork. Her father PATRICK JOSEPH was born in 1899 in Whitechapel, London. His father, William (born 1872) was married to Mary Ann HALLISSEY but we are unable to trace their marriage. Has anyone researched this area and have any information to pass on?

Wednesday 06/21/2000 12:56:23am
Name: Michael Stotter
Comments: I'm searching my wife's paternal family name of DESMOND. Her gtgrandfather was JOHN DESMOND born around 1840 in county Cork. Her father PATRICK JOSEPH was born in 1899 in Whitechapel, London. His father, William (born 1872) was married to Mary Ann HALLISSEY but we are unable to trace their marriage. Has anyone researched this area and have any information to pass on?

Tuesday 07/18/2000 7:52:39pm
Name: Ginny Desmond Linehan
Comments: Daniel W. Desmond, my great-grandfather, died in Minnesota in 1906 at the age of 25. He had two sons who went on to have families of Desmonds, many of whom still reside in Minnesota. We would like to find out more about the Desmond ancestors of Daniel W.

Thursday 11/23/2000 11:59:00am
Name: Clare Woodward nee Desmond
Caterham, SRY, England
Comments: I have only just got to the guestbook so far but the rest of the site looks very interesting. I have only traced back to my 3x Great grandfather John Joseph DESMOND, living in Leeds, YKS 1856.

Friday 12/08/2000 9:31:33pm
Name: Dawn Moran
Yeppoon, Australia
Comments: My husbands grandmother was Ellen Desmond born in Bantry, Cork in 1843. Her father was Patrick Desmond (Solicitor) and mother Ester (Hester) Jagoe. Ester died in Bantry in 1847 and Patrick 1861. The other children born to Patrick and Ester are:- Hannah (Anna) Maria b1839, Henry Gerald b1841, Timothy and Patrick b1846 Patrick died the same year, Thomas Edward b1847. All the children migrated to Australia after the death of their father. Hannah joined the Sisters of Mercy in Cappoquin and came to Australia 1872 as Sr. Mary Benigna. It was always stated that they were decendants from the Earls of Desmond and also that the "Old" Countess of Desmond was an ancestor. Can anyone provide links to Patricks parents. I place him as being born about 1817.

Saturday 01/06/2001 10:58:20am
Name: James Peacock
Comments: I grew up in brooklyn and enjoyed reading about the different names and wonder how they all join up together. I knew the Sweeney's and Klins have cousin named McCarthy (had a light pole bussness) My uncle Felix McCabe worked at Todds Shipyard as well as my mother. He also had a fruit peddler wagon with his horse jerry. Thanks for the visit to the past. Jim

Monday 01/15/2001 8:49:42pm
Name: William Jeremiah Hodde
Comments: I am the grandson of Jeremiah Desmond, of Bath, Maine. I am interested in researching the Desmond history and interested in a picture of the Desmond family crest.

Tuesday 01/16/2001 2:45:21pm
Location: Lake Forest, California ; USA
Comments: Native of California Our first Ancestor in America was Daniel Desmond. He settled in Brasher Falls, New York. He came in 1840 if I remember correctly. My archives are at home. My sister Nancy Armitage found your site. It is a great site. Thanks for your work. Epicor has a Dublin office. We will be visiting with the Irish of Epicor during the first week of February in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tuesday 03/13/2001 4:19:02pm
Name: Albert Edmund Hickey
Gloucester, MA 01931-0242, USA
Comments: My mother was a Desmond: Elizabeth Rose Desmond, of Salem/Peabody, MA. She had two sisters: Nora and Margaret.

Saturday 03/17/2001 2:46:25pm
Name: Desmond Taggart
Location: Lexington, VA
Comments: Top of the day! I am the grandson of Katherine "Twinxs" Desmond (maiden), and am in search of any info prior.

Thursday 03/29/2001 7:10:39am
Name: V. Leddy
Homepage Title:
HomepageURL: http://Ancestral Trails
Comments:While looking for link of Rittenour's and Maphis, I found your page. Very nice. Thought this might be useful to you. On you Index 3, David Rittenour and Regina: David Ritenour son of David and Elizabeth, married REGINA BAUSERMAN daughter of William and Elizabeth Bauserman on Feb 2, 1868 in Shenandoah County, VA. (Shenandoah County Marriages 1850-1881). Hope this will help. I am looking for information on Thomas William Rittenour and Roberta Lee Maphis (dau. of Joseph Maphis and Thursa Wood Stuart). Keep up the good work.

Monday 04/23/2001 5:22:30pm
Name: Sean Desmond
Comments: My grandfather's name was Richard Desmond. The family (grandfather, grandmother Ruth, father Stephen, and uncle Mark) ived in Milton, MA. Since my grandfathers passing, my grandmother (yarmouth), uncle (chatham), and great aunt Kathleen (Dennis) have moved to the Cape. I hope to find some family links. If these names come up in your search, please inform me. Thanks for your hard work.

Sunday 04/29/2001 12:40:34am
Name: michael finbar desmond
Sheffield england
Comments: A great site,my father came over to work in thr yorkshire coalfields, in 1949, my grandfather denis desmond,was a bread delivery,man from castlac, Co Cork.And fought with General tom Barry in the war of independance, I would be happy to corrospond with other desmonds in the U.S.A.

Wednesday 05/09/2001 12:21:39am
Name: Derek.John. Desmond.
E-Mail: popeye @ desmound freeserve
Comments: Once more I think your page is great. Ive been trying for several years now to trace my fathers origins. information I have is as follows whether it is fact or not I do not know D.O.B.1900-1903 Galgary Canada he served in the Army And used to talk of his time serving in Dublin stationed at the Currah I believe this was around about 1916-1920. I also Believe he Married a local Girl and they had a daughter Any information would be appreciated.

Sunday 05/13/2001 6:10:51pm
Name: Donald Stephen Desmond
New Hampshire, USA
Comments: Greetings! My branch of our family is from the Cape Bretton, North Sydney, Sydney Mines area of Canada. My grandfather was Bernard Stephen (born 12.26.1883). Bernards father was James(born 1845?). Bernards mother was Catherine Comerford. James had a brother Daniel (born 1835?), and a brother Thomas, a sea captain, who was age 55 according to a May 1891 census record. They, and possibly other Desmonds, were decendents of Jeremiah A. Desmond, a laborer from Ireland (died 1893?). Jeremiah was the 3rd son of Daniel Desmond and Winnifred(sp) Gannon. Would like to hear from anyone who feels they may have be related in any way to this family branch.

Thursday 06/14/2001 4:14:31pm
Name: Sean Micheal Desmond
Sarandi, Brazil (Brasil)
Comments: I take great pride in having the Desmond name and in being a descendant from the "Earl's of Desmond" and Fitzgeralds as told by my recently deceased Grandfather Charles A. Desmond (Born: November 12, 1923 in Toledo, Ohio). For all the other decendants I would like you to know that my Grandfather was a true at heart Irishman, who loved his family very much. His great stories of ancestory will forever remain with me as well as with all his other Grandchildren. He was a World War II U.S. Army Veteran and a member of Disabled American Veterans. Charles passed on January 27, 2001 and was buried at Santa Barbara Cemetary in Santa Barbara, California where he had a pleasant and well deserved military funeral. He is forever loved and will be missed. Please e-mail me anytime. I would like to hear from other Desmonds and share what I know. Sean

Friday 07/06/2001 4:00:46pm
Name: Lisa Vistad
New Jersey
Comments: I was looking over the guestbook hoping to find some clues to which branch my mother's family came from?? The only info that I have is that we're from County Cork and immigrated here during the late 1800s to Elizabeth and Jersey City, New Jersey. Does anyone have any info or clues to how far off we are from the Earl of Desmond? My grandfather [Desmond] to this day states that we have ties, but I would like to prove that correct before he passes. ANYONE with ANY info, please email me. Thank you. PS all I can provide is pictures of the Desmonds that immigrated here in the 1800s.

Friday 07/13/2001 2:50:48pm
Name: Robert J. Desmond
Falmouth, Ma
Comments: I have been able to trace my fathers family to my great grand parents who were Patrick and Margaret (Dugan) Desmond, born in Ireland in 1821 and 1837 respectively, and living in North Lawrence, NY with their 4 children, Timothy 6, John 5 (my grandfather), Danial 3 and Mary 1, at the 1870 census. I would like to trace them back to Ireland but have had no success to date. Any information on related branches of the family would be very welcome.

Saturday 08/04/2001 5:41:59am
Name: Robert J. Desmond
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Comments: My g-grandfather was Patrick Desmond who was born in Ireland about 1821 and who, at the time of the 1870 census, lived in North Lawrence NY with his wife Margaret (Dugan) and four children Timothy, John (My grandfather), Daniel and Mary. Patrick and Margaret were born in Ireland and their children were all born in New York. I am trying to establish some connection with their origins in Ireland. Family lore has it that Patrick was from Dublin and Margaret was from Belfast. That, however, is not very reliable information. I believe Timothy settled in the Syracuse, NY area, John and Mary eventually settled in the Boston area and I don't know what became of Daniel. I would welcome any information about the origins of this family and what has become of any decendants of Timothy and Daniel.

Sunday 08/05/2001 3:55:55pm
Name: Andy Desmond
Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire. England
Comments: My father (John James) was born at Hammersmith Hospital, London in 1931. His father came from Cork City. He came to England in 1920's where he helped build one on the many tunnels/airfields prior to 2nd world war. He fought in the 1st WW with the Royal Irish Hussars. I am writing this off the top of my head from the knowledge that i have. But if you want to know more please E-mail me and i will do my best to obtain better information.

Wednesday 10/03/2001 10:38:01am
Name: Virginia "Ginny" Nordin
Comments: My grandfather was William Henry Desmond, born in Owosso, Shiawassee,Michigan 1874. His father was William W. Desmond, born Ontario, Canada 1842. William W.'s father was William James Desmond, born Ontario, Canada 1794. His father was Timothy Desmond, born Ontario, Canada abt. 1768. Have been seeking his parents, perhaps, Ireland. No luck, so far. If you might have any suggestions, would be appreciated. Thanks, Ginny

Friday 11/09/2001 11:57:20am
Name: Lisa Desmond
Cardiff, South Wales, UK
Comments: This is an excellent site! I am not actually tracing my family tree at the moment but was interested in finding out if the family rumours that we are descendants of the Earls of Desmond were true-looks like they could be. If anyone is interested -I am the daughter of Lawrence Desmond born Cardiff(1954) he is one of 11 children, Grandfather was Charles Desmond... No idea where he was born but I believe his dad was Irish (my dad doesn't know anything of his family history, He believes that the Desmonds are catholic, we all know that that means massive families. Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me, along with the rest of the Desmonds). Wish me luck!!!